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Our story

Will’s journey into garden design started in landscaping. Quickly developing a keen sense of the layout and proportions of a beautiful garden, Will’s imagination burst with designs and ideas that celebrated the beauty of nature within a structured plot.

Following a visit to The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Will realised his interest in gardens went much deeper. He was utterly inspired to witness all of the extraordinary colours, textures, materials and the myriad of plants which were displayed and united in such a balanced and creative way, that Will knew he had definitely found his true calling.

Subsequently he studied Horticulture and in 2014 he took part in The Young Gardener of the Year competition with his inspired design that won a Gold Medal and Best in Show. Will says that it was at that moment that he knew there was no turning back! He was hooked on garden design and absolutely dedicated to its craft.

To further expand his knowledge he enrolled at The London College of Garden Design and after graduating at the top of his class in 2015, he set up his own blossoming Garden Design Company.  

Since then, Will has grown his practice into a well known design studio across london and the U.K. He is now one of the youngest garden designers ever to be awarded an RHS Gold medal, in fact he has two.



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