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We offer a complete garden design service, from start to finish. We will work with you to create your dream outdoor space no matter the size or shape and come up with beautiful ideas that will capture your imagination. We are experts in space management and always design with our clients needs as a priority.

This is our full design package which we break down to three stages:



The preparation of a master structural plan for the garden including 3D computer models to explain levels and views in particular. This stage will include options, revisions and ideas for discussion in order to create an agreed master plan ready for pricing.

Chapel wood low light - new pool  - _Photo - 11.jpg
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Once the master plan is agreed we will complete detailed drawings including construction specifications to allow us to provide a fixed quotation for the works. We will also manage the appointments of a landscape contractors on your behalf in this first phase.



Once we have a construction start date we’ll talk to you about planting and propose a design with mood boards to support the design. Included is an aftercare report with instructions on how to care for your new garden. We also offer a guarantee on all plants, so all you need to do is relax in your new outside space.

220305_WeiArt_View 1_edited.jpg
Image by Sarah Dorweiler


We know that our full package isn’t for all yet we would love to offer our designs to everyone! ‘Just design’ is the design of your garden, just like stage one, we will discuss your needs and wants within the space and prepose three options for you to chew over. If you want to continue on to the next steps of the design process, you can!



We are specialists in planting design and can create beautiful compositions no matter the space we are given. We have built up a field of knowledge and plants are our passion. We only use the finest nurseries in order to give your garden the best start in life. The design will be complemented by mood boards and options to inspire and give choice to the area. We offer a guarantee on all of our plant design services so you can be rest assured that your garden will continue giving and giving.

Image by Annie Spratt


Once we have created your dream garden we are able to provide you with a complete health care guide for your space. If you would prefer a gardener to take this on, we will be able to organise the appointment of a garden maintenance professional. We will always be on hand to answer any questions you might have about your new garden.

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